Burns Group International counterterrorism training center


The Burns Group International Counterterrorism Training Center provides secure, discrete training support to multiple small units up to battalion-sized elements and is ideal for full mission profile and pre-deployment training.  We are federal, state, and locally de-conflicted with zero fire/noise restrictions allowing for training twenty-four hours a day.  Our unique capabilities are designed to meet the needs of the special operations community, Department of State and OGAs, law enforcement,  and conventional special purpose teams. The complex is purpose-built to be a one-stop solution for multi-discipline, multi-echelon training to include weapons & tactics, operational medicine, breaching and dynamic entry, on/ off Road driving, and airborne operations. It is an ideal location for PSD / close protection training and is setup for signal intelligence operations such as tracking, tagging, and locating.  In addition, we have a unique variety of domestic, foreign and specialty firearms, weapons systems and training equipment including pistols, rifles, carbines, shotguns and long-range rifles. The Burns Group International Counterterrorism Training Center can provide a variety of residential and commercial off-site locations to support your training experience. 

The Burns Group Counterterrorism Training Center is available for facility lease.

Most of our ranges, theater specific training areas, and specialty training features are available to qualified agencies and instructors on a daily lease. In addition, we also offer instructors, support personnel and material support services. Please contact us for more information. 

Training Center Registrations

· Central Contractor Registry (CCR) United States Government & Military Armed Forces

· Military & law enforcement approved tactical training center (LEA-TTC)

· Approved weapons storage facilities, designed for the Department of Energy (DOE)

· Approved Simuntions tactical training facility (Government, Military & Law Enforcement)

· $2 million general liability insurance coverage

· Marine Corps Tactical Systems Support 

· National Security Agency (NSA) Central Security Service

· CAGE Code:  7P1T3  

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