Counter-terrorism & firearms training

counter-terrorism, firearms, executive protection, anti-kidnapping, canine traning

Burns Group International is a leader in counter-terrorism, tactical and  firearms training, offering both core and advanced level instruction for  military, law enforcement, government personnel and law abiding  citizens.  Our instructors are experienced professionals with a knowledge  base that encompasses counter-terrorism, executive protection, special  operations, precision rifle shooting, maritime operations, and motorcade and convoy  operations. 

We recognize the need for progressive curriculum that can sufficiently  address the multi-faceted, high-threat environment that today’s  high-risk professional’s encounter and we provide a comprehensive  approach to training that instills core fundamentals.  We understand that  training techniques are constantly evolving, thus our courses are under  continual development and revision. We offer courses at several skill  levels and work in tandem with existing mission profiles to provide  specialized cost-effective training solutions.  Please note that  enrollment in our restricted classes is limited to active duty  counter-terrorism and close protection professionals.  Verification of  employment is required.  

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