Catastrophe intervention & response

Providing security for your family, personnel and facilities in catastrophe zones is a unique mission that is accompanied by a vast array of general public safety and infrastructure issues that can easily overwhelm local agencies and limit the ability of first-responders to address and manage even basic emergencies.  In this type of situation, traditional agencies who are reliant on local personnel and infrastructure are often unable to sustain safe and effective operations without access to outside sources of food, water, fuel and personnel. 

As we learned during Hurricane Katrina, organizations that fail to appropriately plan for these problems in their catastrophe mitigation and recovery planning are forced to rely on overwhelmed local public safety and security resources and often find themselves unprotected or paying substantial premiums for protection.

From Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Harvey, Burns Group International’s catastrophe intervention and response team has provided dynamic risk mitigation, security, investigative and logistical solutions for individuals, companies and government agencies who have found themselves facing the challenge of operating in catastrophe zones.  Our catastrophe intervention and response teams can help with: 

  • Catastrophe Mitigation & Recovery Planning.

  • Personal protection for the individuals, families, key executives and catastrophe zone personnel.

  • Client / employee rescue from locations with damaged infrastructure and or experiencing unrest.

  • Secure transport of client personnel and resources into catastrophe zones.

  • Residential & Facility Security

  • Investigative & Forensic Teams

  • Recovery and transportation of assets.

  • Protection of mobile assets and convoys.

  • Operational and logistics support to include emergency communications, food, fuel, transportation and emergency medical resources.

Situations can change rapidly during a natural disaster or crisis.  Our global intelligence network allows us to provide our clients with real-time alerts and tracking to ensure you know exactly what is going on as it happens, as well as provide insightful intelligence that can be used for forecasting and planning, allowing us to adjust our catastrophe response as situations change in order to maximize protection of you, your company and your assets. 

Every year, disasters put millions of Americans in danger and destroy billions of dollars-worth of property however with Burns Group International’s Catastrophe Response Teams are helping individuals, corporations and communities reduce their risk, prepare for all hazards, and get back on their feet after their lives are disrupted by a disaster.  We provide the operational and logistical disaster response capability needed to save and sustain lives, minimize suffering, and protect property in a timely and effective manner in communities that become overwhelmed.


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