Security Consulting

Worldwide Protective Services

Worldwide Protective Services


Our consultants are drawn from some of the finest security organizations in the world. Knowledgeable and field experienced they work together as a team to offer the quality of service necessary to effectively address our client’s needs.  We draw from decades of experience at the highest level and are able to cost effectively manage complex security projects from initial needs assessment through to long-term accountability.  We are able to provide consulting and manpower to your project, wherever it may take us, and our services include:

  • Concept of Operations planning and support.

  • Policy development and implementation.

  • Equipment procurement and implementation.

  • Crisis Intervention Teams

  • Contingency assessment and planning.

  • Medical and personnel evacuation from hostile  environments.

  • Close Protection

  • Specialized training and deployment.

  • Threat, risk,  and vulnerability assessments of existing facilities.

  • Security Audit of existing security services.

  • Kidnap and Ransom support, planning, training and response.

  • Security policy and training development.

  • Formulation of both armed and unarmed security response programs.

  • Selection and training of personnel for specialist  tasks.

  • Corporate intelligence research and program development.

  • Crisis Response program development.

  • Situational advice and crisis intervention.

  • Nuclear Security consulting.
  • Operational Support Services.

  • Expert Witness testimony.

Worldwide Protective Services

Worldwide Protective Services

Worldwide Protective Services


Burns Group International offers a comprehensive range of protection services including executive / close protection services, full time and temporary protective services, as well as threat assessment & management, security advance teams, counter and protective surveillance teams, travel security, and security driver services.  We can also provide estate and residential security services and armored transport. 

Proper planning is the key to effective protection and we conduct the appropriate threat assessment, target studies, vulnerability and lifestyle assessments, then make the appropriate recommendations to mitigate risks and exposures in order to ensure the clients safety.  We offer:

· Customized global dignitary and executive protection services.

· Close protection agents for temporary and permanent full-time assignment.

· Temporary bodyguard / close protection services for business, travel, vacation and special events.

· Celebrity and VIP protection for high-profile events.

· Media & War Correspondent protective services.

· International close protection (PSD) for hostile environments.

Our experts use a flexible and modern approach to the protection of our clients.  We approach dignitary and executive protection with the fundamental belief that the best protection is the result of an effective and seamless blend of convenience and security.  We consistently demonstrate that dignitary and executive protection can be a comfortable and non-invasive element of both the private and corporate environment.  Our close protection and protective consulting services include full-scale risk / threat assessments and protective program development and analysis.

Burns Group International’s personnel are always well briefed on the cultural background of every assignment, thus providing awareness of cultural diversity and individual differences of the environments they are working in.  This element means that personnel will conform to appropriate religious and cultural protocol on all assignments.  This unique method of operation allows us to provide a thorough and robust service that can be catered to the individual needs of our clients. In addition, our global reach allows us to deploy protection teams discretely and efficiently to any environment, providing 24-hour domestic or international protection.


Worldwide Protective Services

Travel Security


Our global network of assets allows us to provide intelligence services both domestically and overseas, developing foreign contacts and gathering intelligence that helps to make the world safer and more prosperous.  We help our clients identify and exploit opportunities as well as navigate risks to security, military effectiveness and the economy.  

We are able to work across the globe to safe guard individuals, corporations, counter terrorism, resolve international conflict and prevent the spread of nuclear and other non-conventional weapons.  Our global covert capability provides vital intelligence to protect corporations and national security interests, at home and overseas.  From counter-terrorism and proliferation, to cyber security and recognizing hostile threats we actively help our clients face an increasingly unpredictable world. 

Our people come from many different backgrounds, but they all share the same ambition to work in a unique career that enables them to have an impact on protecting global interests. Our intelligence services include:

  • Political Risk Assessments.

  • Security Alerts and Briefings.

  • Travel, Security and Medical Advisories.

  • Country Risk Reports.

  • Kidnap & Ransom.

  • Country Profiles & Regional Analysis.

  • Security and Trade Analysis.

  • Threat and Risk Vulnerability Assessments.

  • Counter-Intelligence.

  • Assessment of Military and Law Enforcement agencies.

  • Corporate Threat Analysis and Project Management.

  • Corporate Security Audits.

  • Cyber Threat Management.

  • Security Management Education.

  • Intelligence Gathering.

Travel Security

Crisis Management & Response

Travel Security


Whether you’re a private individual, member of the media, NGO or corporation, Burns Group International combines our experience, expert staff and infrastructure to provide world-class travel security services to keep your international travelers and expatriates safe anywhere, anytime.  

Our integrated risk management plans, strategies and responses allow you or your employees to function safely and efficiently regardless of the environment.  We provide dedicated support  to your security and risk management teams, offering a wide range of assistance and information services customized to support your personnel, managers and mission.   Our 24/7 regional analysis teams ensure timely reporting on security threats and travel disruption anywhere in the world.  

We monitor and analyze constantly shifting political and social situations, as well as natural disasters, to provide security advice for travelers, including country and city risk ratings and daily updates on incidents and developments.  Whether there is a requirement for pre-travel advice, activating local security support or the provision of emergency assistance, this specialist team is available 365 days a year.  

Burns Group International provides urgent and non-critical advice to travelers anytime, anywhere, serving as a seamless extension of an in-house travel and security management department.  Our regional teams are on standby day and night to deploy in the support of evacuation and other assistance operations. Some of our travel security services include:

· Threat Assessment

· Travel Risk Analysis

· Travel Security Briefings & Intelligence Alerts

· Traveler Tracking

· Expert Medical & Security Advisory 

· Field Rescue, Evacuation & Extraction

· Crisis Response Services

· Emergency Action Plan Development
· Deployable Personnel

In addition we offer a wide range of training solutions for personnel traveling to or working in unfamiliar, medium or high risk countries, enabling staff to confidently prepare for travel and operate more effectively and safely once they arrive.  

For clients with unique considerations our mobile training team allows us to design a course to meet your specific needs which we can deliver at our U.S. training center or a global location of your choice.  Each course is customized to the clients countries and areas of travel, the potential threats and risks, and their operating procedures in country.  Our courses are delivered by our highly qualified and experienced instructors, many of whom have special operations backgrounds and are selected for their broad range of knowledge and operational experience.  Our courses are an entertaining blend of lectures, discussion exercises, audio/visual presentations and demanding realistic practical scenarios designed to test key learning points. Some of our most popular courses include:

  • Hostile      Environment Awareness Training (H.E.A.T.)

  • International Travel Security for At Risk Individuals

  • Working with Protective Security Details

  • Surveillance Detection / Counter Surveillance

  • Defensive and Evasive Driving Skills

  • Contractors on Deployed Operations Training (for individuals deploying in support of      military operations to the middle-east and Afghanistan)

  • IED      (Improvised Explosive Device) Awareness

  • Cultural Awareness

  • Employing Indigenous Personnel

  • Basic Combatives

  • Basic Medical Skills

Kidnap & Ransom

Crisis Management & Response

Crisis Management & Response


Kidnapping  is an often misunderstood crime that is frequently misrepresented by  the media creating misconceptions that the risk is not that great.  In  fact, if you or your employees and top level executives or high  net-worth individuals travel or live internationally in many global  locations, they are at risk of being abducted. Kidnapping for ransom or  extortion is a rapidly growing global epidemic that can have violent and  even fatal consequences.  With the number of individuals traveling to  locations such as Central and South America, Asia, the Middle East and  Africa increasing dramatically, the threat of kidnapping has become even  greater.  In fact, there are an estimated 15,000-20,000 kidnap,  detentions and extortion's that take place globally every year.  In  reality this number is probably much higher as it’s estimated that only  about 35% of all kidnappings globally are reported to the authorities.   Additionally, about half of these incidents are taking place in Latin  America and Mexico, which has one of the highest kidnapping rates in the  world.  There are many motivations and types of kidnappings and  kidnapping is a very geographically focused crime and differs greatly  depending on the location and type of kidnappers. 

Burns  Group International’s kidnapping resources allow you to effectively  prepare for and understand some of the differences from region to region  and country specific differences, as well as familiarize yourself or  your staff with some of the more prominent groups so that you have an  understanding of the nature of the crime in the areas where you are  traveling, working or living, giving you the ability to effectively  assess the threat of that area and mitigate kidnap risks.  The rise of  terrorism and transnational crime has increased dramatically in the past  decade.  No longer entirely political or revolutionary in purpose, some  kidnappers are simply concerned with financial gain. To them, it is  just a business.  This growing phenomenon increases the percentage of  incident probability in respect of kidnapping and extortion and creates a  unique need for services that had previously been unavailable or else  prohibitively costly.  Kidnap, ransom and extortion (K&R) are not  just economic crimes.  The human, real and material costs to  individuals, corporations, media & NGO groups are great. The impact  on employees, families & the persons who are directly involved, can  be shattering.  Our clients include multinational corporations operating  in high risk regions of the world, financial institutions, key  executives working in the individuals whose wealth or fame may attract  the attention of criminals.  Such clients include financially prominent  families, heads of large corporations, media, NGO personnel and  celebrities, at home and abroad.

Our  consultants have considerable experience in dealing with K&R cases,  particularly within the Middle East, Asia, South and Central America.  We ensure that a client is guided through every stage of the kidnapping  and negotiation process through to the resolution, ensuring that the  client is informed, educated and able to evaluate and assess the  situation throughout the duration of the crisis and thus able to make  sound decisions under extremely difficult circumstances, with our  support. Optional briefings and training sessions giving advice and  practical methods for avoiding an incident, or how to cope in captivity,  are available to all clients and should be sought by those living in,  or traveling to, high risk countries and cities. Kidnapping is on a  rise, yet only 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies, carry K&R  insurance. This trend is now changing, with insurance underwriters and  the individuals themselves, now requiring that K&R services be  included within the terms and conditions of their employment.  Our  K&R services include:

  • Personal security training

  • Stalker management services

  • Close protection / bodyguard services

  • Anti-terrorism and kidnap prevention training

  • Advance security services

  • Operational threat assessments

  • Liaison with law enforcement in the case of an emergency

  • Hostage negotiation services

  • Extraction teams and repatriation services

  • Provision of safe houses

Crisis Management & Response

Crisis Management & Response

Crisis Management & Response


Burns Group International is positioned globally and able to respond to our client’s urgent needs and requirements. With offices in the U.K. and headquarters in Seattle, WA.  Burns Group International is uniquely positioned respond quickly and effectively to our client’ needs.   We provide crisis intervention and management services to respond to:

  • Rapid,  unforeseen changes in the local security environment, where an individual  or company may have lost the means to maintain positive control of the situation or are operating in an unknown or evolving hostile environment.

  • Security/emergency situation (kidnap and ransom incident / immediate country or medical)      evacuation.

  • Immediate threat assessment of a country, city, facility or specific asset to allow for formal security intervention or support to a specific project either before or after the deployment to a location.

  • Hostile business related issues.

Providing security for personnel and facilities in catastrophe zones is a unique mission that is accompanied by a vast array of general public safety and infrastructure issues that can easily overwhelm local agencies making them unable to manage even general emergencies.   We make sure you get the help you need, when you need it. 

 In  life, problems arise which require efficient and effective solutions.   When corporations, executives, or high net worth individuals encounter  such dilemmas, Burns Group International is there to preserve integrity,  mitigate loss, and develop strategic solutions.  

Crisis  management is not simply about coordinating media response.  It is  about responding to crisis situations, such as crime allegations,  domestic abuse, stalkers, workplace violence, rumors, blackmail,  extortion, missing persons, and myriad other scenarios, with measured  and calculated action.  This is accomplished in a manner which preserves  the individuals or company's public image, integrity, and often,  anonymity.   Crisis situations can take many forms including natural  disasters, hazardous material accidents, acts of malice directed at an  individual or corporation, plant closures, labor unrest, etc.

With our 24 hour crisis management and response service we can deploy a full team of experts including:


  • Close protection teams

  • Tactical security specialists

  • Video/digital photographers

  • Forensic evidence technicians.

Catastrophe Intervention & Response

Counter-terrorism & Firearms Training

Counter-terrorism & Firearms Training


Providing  security for your family, personnel and facilities in catastrophe zones  is a unique mission that is accompanied by a vast array of general  public safety and infrastructure issues that can easily overwhelm local  agencies and limit the ability of first-responders to address and manage  even basic emergencies.  In this type of situation, traditional  agencies who are reliant on local personnel and infrastructure are often  unable to sustain safe and effective operations without access to  outside sources of food, water, fuel and personnel. 

As  we learned during Hurricane Katrina, organizations that fail to  appropriately plan for these problems in their catastrophe mitigation  and recovery planning are forced to rely on overwhelmed local public  safety and security resources and often find themselves unprotected or  paying substantial premiums for protection.

From  Hurricane Katrina to Hurricane Harvey, Burns Group International’s  catastrophe intervention and response team has provided dynamic risk  mitigation, security, investigative and logistical solutions for  individuals, companies and government agencies who have found themselves  facing the challenge of operating in catastrophe zones.  Our  catastrophe intervention and response teams can help with: 

  • Catastrophe Mitigation & Recovery Planning.

  • Personal protection for the individuals, families, key executives and catastrophe zone personnel.

  • Client / employee rescue from locations with damaged infrastructure and or experiencing unrest.

  • Secure transport of client personnel and resources into catastrophe zones.

  • Residential & Facility Security

  • Investigative & Forensic Teams

  • Recovery and transportation of assets.

  • Protection of mobile assets and convoys.

  • Operational  and logistics support to include emergency communications, food, fuel,  transportation and emergency medical resources.

Situations  can change rapidly during a natural disaster or crisis.  Our global  intelligence network allows us to provide our clients with real-time  alerts and tracking to ensure you know exactly what is going on as it  happens, as well as provide insightful intelligence that can be used for  forecasting and planning, allowing us to adjust our catastrophe  response as situations change in order to maximize protection of you,  your company and your assets. 

Every  year, disasters put millions of Americans in danger and destroy  billions of dollars-worth of property however with Burns Group  International’s Catastrophe Response Teams are helping individuals,  corporations and communities reduce their risk, prepare for all hazards,  and get back on their feet after their lives are disrupted by a  disaster.  We provide the operational and logistical disaster response  capability needed to save and sustain lives, minimize suffering, and  protect property in a timely and effective manner in communities that  become overwhelmed.

Counter-terrorism & Firearms Training

Counter-terrorism & Firearms Training

Counter-terrorism & Firearms Training



Burns Group International is a leader in counter-terrorism, tactical and firearms training, offering both core and advanced level instruction for military, law enforcement, government personnel, and law abiding citizens.  Our instructors are experienced professionals with a knowledge base that encompasses counter-terrorism, executive protection, special operations, precision rifle shooting and motorcade and convoy operations.

We recognize the need for progressive curriculum that can sufficiently address the multi-faceted, high-threat environment that today’s high-risk professional’s encounter and we provide a comprehensive approach to training that instills core fundamentals.  We understand that training techniques are constantly evolving, thus our courses are under continual development and revision.  We offer courses at several skill levels and work in tandem with existing mission profiles to provide specialized cost-effective training solutions. Please note that enrollment in our restricted classes is limited to active duty counter-terrorism and close protection professionals. Verification of employment is required.

Tactical Canine Services

Expedition Led Adventure Travel

Expedition Led Adventure Travel


Burns Group International’s contract working dog teams are the most comprehensive tactical canine solution available and provide effective deterrence for security threats or unlawful activities and substances at large-scale venues, high-profile and heavily attended events, schools, prisons, corporations, and more, both domestically and internationally.  

Our canine services include bomb and explosive detection dogs, narcotics detection dogs, human remains detection, search & rescue, cell phone and battery detection dogs, advanced dual and multi-purpose canines, and elite executive protection dog; sales, training and deployment options. 

Expedition Led Adventure Travel

Expedition Led Adventure Travel

Expedition Led Adventure Travel


Burns Group International offers bespoke luxury travel solutions no matter where your adventure may lead.  If you are looking to challenge yourself through a unique, immersive and adventurous travel experiences that deliver a true sense of achievement, our experts will create an adventure that exceeds your expectations.

From around-the-world adventures by private jet, to in-depth explorations of remote destinations by helicopter, yacht, snowmobile, hot air balloon or even under water, Burns Group International offers you the most authentic adventure available, tailored to meet your exact needs, and guided by only the finest local experts. All our journeys feature exclusive insider access to fascinating people and places, and you’ll stay in the finest accommodations, handpicked to immerse you in local culture.  With operations in over 100 countries around the world, we can create a personalized itinerary for you and your family or friends that ensures every detail from departure to your return home is anticipated, and every effort is made to ensure your experience is seamless and unforgettable.