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Welcome to Burns Group International’s K9 Division.  At Burns Group International, we take pride in providing incredibly reliable and street worthy Military Working Dog's, Law Enforcement K9's, elite Executive Protection Dogs, and Service Dogs.  In addition, we  provide  innovative training solutions for both dogs and handlers.  Whether you're from the military, law enforcement or civilian sector, we have a solution for all your canine needs, from assistance with selection and procurement of a new K9 unit or personal protection dog or help with behavioral issues and training, we've got the knowledge and experience to get the results you want.  


When it comes to canine training, we believe that the key to great training starts with learning to work together with your dog and is a relationship-based lifestyle rather than a method or system. Whether you’re a tier 1 special operations K9 handler or a civilian with a new puppy, we teach training techniques that are proven to produce exceptional special operations, police K9’s and personal protection dogs, and just like with wolves in the wild, we play games with our dogs to bond with them and teach them desirable pack behavior. We teach them to cope with certain environmental stressors and distractions and teach them acceptable social rules and how to deal with conflict. We teach our clients to stop interacting with their dogs like humans and instead understand canine behavior, pack rules, the relationship you have with your dog, trust and respect, and by building a relationship with your dog where training is fun for you both and there is a clear pack structure, we are able to able achieve amazing results.   

Good leadership and training does not require a leash, e-collar, or a prong collar with hard corrections to show your dog you are the “Boss”.  In fact, these types of improper corrections will only confuse the dog and will in many cases ruin the respect and trust of the dog towards you as the trainer or handler, and result in a poor performing and out of control dog. 

As humans, we often make the mistake of thinking we can become a trusted and respected leader by simply loving our dogs and giving them affection, but this is just not the way canine behavior works. Canine behavior is guided by two primary drives, survival and to always try and make their situation better. With dogs, respect is earned by how you handle and live with your dog on a daily basis and the consistency of your own behavior. In our training, we believe the psychological health and physical health of the dog should be our main priority. It is critical that the relationship with the dog should be treated with respect and, trust and fun are the fundamental building blocks and foundation of how we handle our training whether it be for an elite working dog or a pet.

Our training uses a Canine Performance Pyramid that illustrates the phases we need to go thru in order to be successful in our relationship building with our dogs and their training.  The most important phase, the foundation, involves building a harmonic relationship, using respect, trust and fun in the work.  Using a progression of specific exercises, games, and real-life scenario-based training, we work towards our training goals while building the best possible relationship between the human and dog. For our working dogs, this means incredibly intense and committed dogs that refuse to quit in the face of great danger, while for our pet clients this means a well behaved dog who is a pleasure to be around and becomes much more than a pet to you and your family.  Our training is broken down into six phases, each with its own specific goals that build on each other progressively at the best pace for the dog, and result in an unbelievable final product. Those phases include; the teaching phase, training phase, distraction phase, proof, and conflict. While it may take you a little longer to train a dog using our system that it does to use pain to force them into compliance using an e-collar or prong collar, the results we produce or exceptional and well worth the time and effort.  

By carefully considering canine behavior and communication, then adhering to the Canine Performance Pyramid with our training, we give your dog the best opportunity to manage and cope with the inconsistent nature of the human and it is our responsibility to continue building and refining this motivational working relationship with our dogs throughout their lives. 


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