Tactical Canine Services

Burns Group International’s contract working dog teams are the most comprehensive tactical K9 solution available and provide effective deterrence for security threats or unlawful activities and substances at large-scale venues, high-profile and heavily attended events, schools, prisons, corporations, and more, both domestically and internationally.  Our K9 services include bomb and explosive detection dogs, narcotics detection dogs, human remains detection, search & rescue, cell phone and battery detection dogs, advanced and dual and multi-purpose canines.

When it comes to the protection of N.G.O’s, corporations, federal facilities, personnel and assets, Burns Group International is a leading provider of canine security and canine related building services.  We offer turn-key program management solutions to supplement government agencies and multinational corporations in high risk environments around the world.  Our Contract Working Dog Teams are comprised of expertly trained K9’s and Handlers and are experienced in conducting operations in high-threat environments and can be used in entry control, counter I.E.D. and special operations support, the searches of vehicles, cargo, deliveries, buildings, open area, perimeter and roving patrols, and other high-threat situations.  Our teams provide a visible presence and have proven highly effective in deterring and detecting criminal and terrorist threats.

All of our canines come from elite, proven European working dog bloodlines and their experienced handlers have backgrounds in either law enforcement or the military.  Our K9’s are hero’s and deserve to be treated as such, Burns Group International strictly adheres to a relationship based training philosophy with all of our canines and receive superior nutrition and supplementation throughout their career.  To ensure the life-long welfare of each of our retiring K9 veterans, Burns Group International transports all retired contract working dogs home to our facility in the United States where each dog is evaluated by out veterinarians and behaviorists and then rehabilitated and reassigned to domestic responsibilities if they still have the fitness, drive and desire to keep working, or they enjoy their retirement in their handlers loving home. 


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